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Why Infatuation with Grades and Achievements?

The mania for success is correlated with good grades which lead to a degree in honours and end up having an eminent career in life. To achieve better marks guarantee a thriving career?  Good ranks and division are a compelling strength of education. Memorizing the things instead of understanding is more satisfying. This kind of learning does not lead to knowledge and learning of skills. It only helps in achieving a high grade in exams. We have a tough time managing with low grades as the society will always look down upon them who doesn't score good grades and find them unsuitable for engineering or medical. Even the marks carry more significance for selection in any entrance exam of some college or universities. The education system has given so much importance to the grading system so much that the students have become degree oriented in their strategy in the hunt of educational awareness. Marks have become the major source of determining the student's intelligence and potential.

Infatuation with Grades and Achievements

The education system leads students to academic pressure. Parents expectation's and the student's self-build pressure to perform better in the examinations results from such kind of anxiety. We always have peer pressure to undergo renowned courses in which the children are very less interested. We always hear from our parents that our cousins have topped the exam or secured a seat in the better-ranking college. This makes them feel embarrassed. And marks and ranks have become the only constant that shows the student's accomplishment and fulfilment. Students have a powerful urge to win social consent or avoid social comparisons. The pressure to match societal norms is constantly increasing. They concentrate on having superficial knowledge in the exam that does not give an exact depiction of their skills and abilities and ignores the deep knowledge which will help them in enhancing their skills.

When the students cannot score the sufficient marks to influence others this dishearten them, they think they are lost in this rat race. Grades cannot define how inventive the person is. There are successful people who could not achieve good grades but achieved immeasurable success and there are people who were very good at academics and cannot reach far enough. We are confused about whether learning is restricted to good ranks or intensifying our skills. Wide advancement has been made in reforming our education system. We are more focused on technical education which is admired by companies. Such a system makes us less competitive in acquiring good jobs. The fascination with academics and degrees should be finished. To a great extent, our universities prepare students in such a way. The theoretical schooling does not qualify learners for survival. This kind of management takes us far away from superiority and scale the steps of possibilities in every step and it fails miserably to shape the career of a student. This system is extremely overestimated, and it crashes several scholars. It kills our curiosity and dispel us from exploring in the new environment.

The students need to understand and enhance their thinking capacity to face new hurdles and solve problems. Sometimes they are taught things unrelated to life. They are made to memorize the things for exams short span and quickly forget the things. A scholarly certification and degree is a record that confers an individual has been accredited by an accountable authorisation that he has experienced a particular program or training. Every institution needs a certificate of achievements as proof of their academics and consider them of enormous value. We are not these accumulations of grades which brings zero meaning to the quality of our education and career.

The educational institutions keep prominence on grades for employment and progression. The single sheet of paper is not evidence of your aptitude and intellect. Companies should hire people who have a craving for learning and not have a passion for grades. The purpose of education is to open the peoples' minds and to fill an empty brain with thoughts and insights rather than testing their memory in exam halls and checking their ability to remember. Even for promotion in companies, we are made to undergo certain training for clients projects and go onsite.

When a basic degree was sufficient to acquire the job, now the master's degree with good grades is a must for fetching a job. Educational institutions are busy competing with other institution to teach to the top and in this race future of students is compromised. In this way, our system is getting corrupt and is a victim of such greedy people. They do us a very good job of draining us and our career. Maybe we are born intelligent and creative but such system of grades oriented kills our approach of learning and reasoning.

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