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Relationship between Money, Success and Happiness

Happiness is a state of thought. One can remain happy or sad at his own choice. What makes one happy or sad depends entirely on his mindset. There are many definitions of being happy. Every person has his own reason to be happy. Some measure it by the success they receive, some by money, some by appreciation and many more. If the definition of success for you is money, fame and then you will be trapped in an endless tangle which will always displease you. Success and happiness are interrelated. In my view, success is of the utmost importance because it gives you the courage to move forward and determined in life. A successful person always remains happy and is expected to make a relationship happy and healthy. But happiness is the key to success. One should learn to love what he is doing in order to be triumphant and thriving. One should never desire for being victorious to remain sparkling and smiling.

Money, Success and Happiness

Some people even did not seem satisfied after having loads of money because they always measure success in terms of money. There are miserable people who are happy because they see life from a different perspective. They are happy with what they have and not unhappy with what they don't have. Even the most successful and rich person in the world can be depressed. This is because you have so many negative thoughts in your mind. There is a problem with how you value things. You remain happy as long as you have money and you are prosperous but once these materialistic things are lost, you get back to your original state of mind. Everybody has their own targets. Society has simply set some parameters for measuring success like good grades, working in a big MNC. It does not mean that you should see yourself from the view of society. The values, standard of living comes from the amount of money you earn. Success is measured by others but satisfaction is established by you. We need wealth to fulfil our basic needs like bread and butter, clothing, medication and house, but success is not limited to these things. Money can surely help you manage these things, secure your tomorrow and make living more delightful but merely having the stuff does not ensure attainment. More spending drives to more satisfaction to a certain extent. But too much desire for these things can leave an adverse effect on yourself and the kind of life you lead. Success comes by following your dreams and this, in turn, brings victory and big achievements in life. The happiness you get after reaching your destination is far more than that you have accomplished during the course of the journey.
There are people for whom we measure in terms of greatness, commitment and hard work. Being successful means your journey towards your destination. The hardships, difficulties, pitfalls you face during your struggle. If you can learn from the struggles and be patient throughout the journey, you are successful. A state of being physically fit, intellectually and financially sound is a sign of being wealthy.
Some people have to stay away from happy due to certain reasons, some people have to stay with family and there are again different reasons. The only thing they do is they remain happy. Happiness comes from within. Finding satisfaction even in the tiniest of accomplishments, starting small custom purposes without embracing your emotional harmony can truly reestablish your belief in life. Learn to be happy from kids. They are happy for no reason. Enclose yourself with positive and emphatic people, experiencing every moment spent with them, expressing your emotions out, doing what the spirit and soul wants and this would add feathers of being successful and happy in your life. Yes, happiness depends on how much successful you are but this is also true that success touches your feet if you are happy, committed and loyal to your work. Not only do the creativity and fertility at the workplace get people happy but more we find peaceful people to be extra imaginative and fruitful. We eventually forget to be happy, amusing in the race of achieving victory. We are blindly running on the path with millions comprising with our pleasure and comfort unknowingly where the path will take us and what is our destination.

"People spent money they earned.. to buy things they don't want.. to impress people they don't like."

Prosperous people are normally more prolific and content with their works, thus forming positive perceptions of self-esteem, responsibility and self-worth. It provides us with a sense of personality, composition to our growth and powerful and significant purposes to proceed. The funds that hard work produces is an added advantage but is temporary. Another reason, progress arouses sentiments of joy is because of the hurdles associated. People are mentally and emotionally tired and when they achieve their desirable thing they find happiness for a short time. This is because you have put all your hard work and sweat to make it appear true. Positivity comes in your life like a divine power that is supporting you. The more the person is satisfied, they can achieve a lot of money him can earn at a later period and the more delightful work environment him can create which will moreover intensify pleasure and great success. Overall, they interrelate all the things to each other.
 Some people don't want to be rich instead they want to be happy but the surrounding people have created a buzz that wealth leads to happiness. Decide what is sufficient on your own. What is sufficient for your friends may not be acceptable for you? Your aspirations may not be permanent and change with time. So take the time to realize what is enough for you. When you don't have sufficient money, you can't say money is not everything. Money, success and happiness are interdependent and may not give you overall happiness but can provide you with a little amount of cheerfulness and fill your life with delight and comfort.
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