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How Yoga Keeps Control Over Your Mind and Body?

Yoga is the faith in the subconscious and holy peacefulness. But present life propels us in a different direction. One main reason for this is the tenderness and routine of getting whirl or hasten. Analyze the words rushing through our intellects in the course of a regular day. We impel ourselves with arguments that make us feel nervous and impatient.
To a great extent we use these words, it becomes more difficult for any part of us, to calm down. When we practice yoga with consciousness, we are attentive and pay recognition to what events are occurring in our minds, and we realize that our conception is frequently scrambled. The mind is not stable and cannot relax; it pokes us to go further and in a hurry.
The tradition of being in a hurry is proceeding in a hasty manner in recent times. It pervades our daily routines, both professionally and socially. Digital devices and technology have made it safe and secure for us to bond, even more, to remain in contact all the time. The procedure of slowing down is a prerequisite to minimize pressure and tension and practice optimistic ways for our body and soul.
There are several types of yoga such as parental yoga, hot yoga, relaxation yoga. There are a wide variety of options available which suits your body and style. It's not only about losing calories and making muscles strong, but it is also a session of vigorous physical exercise or training that involves both mind and body.
Being in a hurry all the time is deeply inserted in us in modern life to the size that we don't listen even when we are authorized to do so. Life is always experienced in the present situation. It cannot be established in a future that we want to hurry toward. The future that we are working for depends on how we deal with today's circumstances. This is something that cannot be gained overnight. It takes lots of endeavours to build our health along with regeneration of mind, body and soul. The message of yoga is to watch your mind with relaxation and restful awareness! To bring the practice of slowing down to your asanas, take a few breaths every hour, communicate more with full awareness and calmly for a few minutes every day. It happens when we take the time to be present with the practices and your life.

Yoga and Meditation

Below are some benefits of performing yoga

1. Reduce Stress

It has the ability to relieve stress and encourage relaxation. It can also boost your mood and a general feeling of well-being. When performed with some other methods of reducing stress, such as meditation, yoga is an efficient way to command on strain and tension. It can help you in increasing flexibility and help you in performing complex poses.

2. Reduce Anxiety

People often practise yoga as a way to survive feelings of anxiety. Interestingly, a lot of research has been done, which proves that yoga can help reduce anxiety. It builds a routine which makes a systematic sleeping model. A body free from tension and anxiety sleeps more peacefully.

3. Improves the way of living

It may improve the quality and standard of living and reduce symptoms of cancer in several patients. Many cancer patients benefit from it. Also, reduces symptoms of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting.

4. Build your Lifestyle

It improves coordination, memory, IQ, develops the quick ability to solve problems, helps in concentration, focuses on maintaining and building your over lifestyle.

5. Reduce Chronic Diseases  

It can help reduce risk components for various chronical diseases such as high blood pressure and several heart diseases. It may also help in reducing long-term diseases such as depression, insomnia. Some studies reveal that yoga may also help in improving heart health and reduce several risk factors for heart-related disease. Boosts your immune system functionality. Prevents and cures other digestive problems. It can relieve constipation and can lower the risk of colon cancer. Exercising regularly have a positive effect on the immune system.

6. Improves Posture

Working for a prolonged time in front of computers can hurt your spine and also make you feel exhausted at the end. Practising asanas may help you in refining your posture and also relieves your neck. Practising yoga will help you traverse another side of yourself.

7. Increases self-esteem

Increases your self-esteem. Helps in developing a positive approach to life. Practise regularly with the purpose of self-evaluation and betterment for self-realization and not just for the purpose of yoga class.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Makes you happier and helps in building a healthy lifestyle. It helps in retaining the vivacity in your body and keeps it fit. It propels you to eat healthily and enhance the metabolism of the body. Studies have found that a consistent yoga practice helps in reducing depression and led to an increase in serotonin levels.

Yoga Precautions

There are certain precautions which should be taken before performing yoga.

  1. It has to be performed under suitable guidance of professional. If you are not physically fit, do not perform it.
  2.  While sweating, do not use a towel to wipe your body, instead, use your palms to rub.
  3. Avoid exhausting physical exercises like weight lifting, jogging, swimming after asanas.
  4. Yoga should be performed in a soundless place, where fresh air exists for a fresh mind.
  5. It is advised to practice early in the morning or evening in an empty stomach.
  6. Avoid alcohol, sweets, junk food, tea, coffee and smoking, as they are harmful and lead to strain and sickness.
  7. Include raw food, fruits and dry fruits, green and leafy vegetables in your diet. Drink sufficient water every day. It helps you keep hydrated.
  8. Wear comfortable clothes. In cold environments, a sweater may be worn. Physical and mental comfort both are important for practising yoga. 
  9. Initially, you may not move easily and feel pain in the body, but after regular practice, it will ease out.
  10. Should be practised on the yoga mat or carpet. Do not practice on the ground.
  11. Do not wear jewellery or glasses. They may cause a wound. 
  12. Take a bath before, as it will refresh your body and mind.
  13. Menstruating women should not practise yoga during this time. Eazy movements may be performed in this period. Poses which affect the abdomen should be avoided.
  14. Each and every pose should be performed with the right attitude. Avoid unnecessary discussions and gossips during this time.
  15. Don't apply pressure to the areas that were under surgery.

Yoga is generally regarded free from risk and it is often advised to perform under the guidance of a trainer. There may be some situations in which yoga might come as a risk factor.

Refrain yourself from performing yoga if you have any of the below situations.

1. Risk of blood clotting.
2. Certain poses should be avoided during pregnancy.
3. Weak patients should not hold their breath during pranayama.
4. A herniated disk.
5. Extreme Osteoporosis

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